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Displaying the log map length and alignment

To display the log map length and alignment

maplen=0 (disabled)

This indicates a log map alignment (logmap_align) value of 0, and a log map length (logmap_len) value of 0.

If the log map is set and enabled, the command and results may be in the following form:

# vxprint -lv drlvol

Disk group: dgTestSol

Volume: drlvol

info: len=20480

type: usetype=fsgen

state: state=ACTIVE kernel=ENABLED cdsrecovery=0/0 (clean)

assoc: plexes=drlvol-01,drlvol-02,drlvol-03

policies: read=SELECT (round-robin) exceptions=GEN_DET_SPARSE

flags: closed writecopy writeback

logging: type=REGION loglen=528 serial=0/0 mapalign=16 maplen=512 (enabled)

apprecov: seqno=0/0

recovery: mode=default


device: minor=46000 bdev=212/46000 cdev=212/46000


perms: user=root group=root mode=0600

guid: {d968de3e-1dd1-11b2-8fc1-080020d223e5}