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Changing the alignment of a non-CDS disk group

The alignment value can only be changed for disk groups with version 110 or greater.

For a CDS disk group, alignment can only take a value of 8k. Attempts to set the alignment of a CDS disk group to 1 fail unless you first change it to a non-CDS disk group.

Increasing the alignment may require vxcdsconvert to be run to change the layout of the objects in the disk group.

To display the current alignment value of a disk group, use the vxprint command.

See "Displaying the disk group alignment" on page 37.

 To change the alignment value of a disk group

The operation to increase the alignment to 8K fails if objects exist in the disk group that do not conform to the new alignment restrictions. In that case, use the vxcdsconvert alignment command to change the layout of the objects:

# vxcdsconvert -g diskgroup [-A] [-d defaults_file] \

  [-o novolstop] alignment [attribute=value] ...

This command increases the alignment value of a disk group and its objects to 8K, without converting the disks.

The sequence 8K to 1 to 8K is possible only using vxdg set as long as the configuration does not change after the 8K to 1 transition.

See "Converting a non-CDS disk group to a CDS disk group" on page 23.