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Connectivity policy of shared disk groups

The nodes in a cluster must always agree on the status of a disk. In particular, if one node cannot write to a given disk, all nodes must stop accessing that disk before the results of the write operation are returned to the caller. Therefore, if a node cannot contact a disk, it should contact another node to check on the disk's status. If the disk fails, no node can access it and the nodes can agree to detach the disk. If the disk does not fail, but rather the access paths from some of the nodes fail, the nodes cannot agree on the status of the disk.

One of the following policies for resolving this type of discrepancy may be applied:




The detach occurs cluster-wide (globally) if any node in the cluster reports a disk failure. This is the default policy. 


In the event of disks failing, the failures are confined to the particular nodes that saw the failure. However, this policy is not highly available because it fails the node even if one of the mirrors is available. Note that an attempt is made to communicate with all nodes in the cluster to ascertain the disks' usability. If all nodes report a problem with the disks, a cluster-wide detach occurs.