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Limitations of shared disk groups

The boot disk group (usually aliased as bootdg) cannot be made clustershareable. It must be private.

Only raw device access may be performed via the cluster functionality of VxVM. It does not support shared access to file systems in shared volumes unless the appropriate software, such as Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System, is installed and configured.

The cluster functionality of VxVM does not support RAID-5 volumes, or task monitoring for cluster-shareable disk groups. These features can, however, be used in private disk groups that are attached to specific nodes of a cluster.

If you have RAID-5 volumes in a private disk group that you wish to make shareable, you must first relayout the volumes as a supported volume type such as stripe-mirror or mirror-stripe. Online relayout is supported provided that it does not involve RAID-5 volumes.

If a shared disk group contains unsupported objects, deport it and then re-import the disk group as private on one of the cluster nodes. Reorganize the volumes into layouts that are supported for shared disk groups, and then deport and re-import the disk group as shared.