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Receiving an IBC message

You can use the vxibc receive command to receive the IBC message sent from the Primary to a Secondary.

To receive an IBC Message:

# vxibc [-g diskgroup] [-n | -R receive_timeout] [-f filename] \

[-l buf_length] receive application_name rvg_name

Note that the application_name for the Secondary RVG must have been previously registered.

When the Secondary receives the IBC message, the state of the data volumes on the Secondary is the same as the state of the data volumes on the Primary at the time the IBC message was inserted in the replication stream. Subsequent writes are delivered to the Secondary and stored in the SRL, that is, replication is frozen. Secondary replication remains frozen until an unfreeze operation is performed, or the specified freeze_timeout expires. The default behavior for the receive operation is to block until an IBC message is received. The option -n makes the receive operation non-blocking, and returns if there is no message to receive. If the operation succeeds, the received message is displayed; if a file name is specified the message is written to that file.