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Changing the tunable values using the vxio.conf file

You can also tune all the VVR parameters by editing the /kernel/drv/vxio.conf file. The changes made to the tunables using this method are persistent. However, to have persistent tunable values it is essential to reboot the system after the value of the tunable has been modified. For an explanation of VVR tunables, see the Veritas Volume Replicator Planning and Tuning Guide. To modify tunables, you will either need to add a tunable to the vxio.conf file or edit an existing tunable in the /kernel/drv/vxio.conf file.

 To change the value of a tunable

  1. Navigate to the /kernel/drv/ directory which contains the vxio.conf file.
  2. Open this file using any editor. Add or edit the VVR tunable in the /kernel/drv/vxio.conf file, using the following format:


    The change will take effect only after the next system reboot.

Example 1:

To change the value of the tunable vol_rvio_maxpool_sz to 128M, append the following line to the file /kernel/drv/vxio.conf:


The specified value for vol_rvio_maxpool_sz is now applicable system-wide.

  Note   The value for the tunables using the vxio.conf file must be specified in bytes.