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Snapshots of RVGs containing volume sets

If an RVG contains a volume set, creating a snapshot of the RVG (using the vxrvg snapshot command) takes a snapshot of each of the component volumes of the volume set that are associated to that RVG. The snapshot consists of a container volume set object with snapshots of the associated component volumes. The volumes in the snapshot volume set have the same indexes as the volumes in the original volume set.

When a snapshot of a volume in an RVG is taken, IO is quiesced on all volumes in the RVG. If a volume set is associated to an RVG, taking a snapshot of the RVG will quiesce all of the volumes of the RVG, including the components of the volume set.

If an RVG contains a volume set, use the vxrvg snapshot command to take a snapshot of the RVG, as described in

To display snapshots of a volume set, use the vxrvg snapprint command.

The vxrvg snapshot command provides the exclude keyword, to exclude volumes from the snapshot creation. Additional keywords (instantso, instantfull, and instantplex) are used to create snapshots of the indicated type for the specified volumes. For any of these keywords, you can specify the name of a volume set or the name of an independent volume; however, do not specify a name of a component volume of the volume set. The container snapshot for the volume set therefore will include snapshots of the same type