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Setting up replication

You can configure and administer Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) using one of the following interfaces:

This chapter explains how to set up a Replicated Data Set (RDS) using the command-line interface. VVR enables you to set up replication either when the data volumes are zero initialized or contain valid data. Make sure you follow the best practices or recommendations in this chapter to ensure successful configuration of VVR. Read this chapter before you start setting up replication. See Examples for setting up a simple Volume Replicator configuration for detailed examples on how to configure and set up a simple VVR configuration.

Before setting up a Replicated Data Set, lay out your VVR configuration using the "Configuration Worksheet" in the Veritas Volume Replicator Installation Guide. To configure and set up replication, perform the following tasks in the order presented below:

  Creating a Replicated Data Set

  Synchronizing the Secondary and starting replication

  Note   The procedure to set up replication is the same either when the application is running or stopped, unless noted otherwise.