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Primary SRL volume error cleanup and restart

If there is an error accessing the Primary SRL, the SRL is dissociated and the RLINKs are detached. The state of the Primary and Secondary RLINKs is changed to stale. The RVG state does not change, but the RVG is put into passthru mode that allows update of the Primary volume to continue until the error is fixed. See RVG PASSTHRU mode.

The SRL must be repaired manually and then associated with the RVG. While the SRL is being repaired, no attempt is made to send data to the RLINKs. After the SRL is replaced, all RLINKs must be completely synchronized. Attach the RLINKs and perform a complete synchronization of the Secondaries.

On the Primary (seattle):

 To cleanup after a Primary SRL error

  1. Dissociate the SRL from the RVG.

    # vxvol -g hrdg dis hr_srl

  2. Fix or replace the SRL volume.
  3. Make sure that the repaired SRL is started before associating it with the RVG. If the repaired SRL is not started, start it:

    # vxvol -g hrdg start hr_srl

  4. Associate a new SRL with the RVG. After associating the new SRL, the RVG passthru mode no longer displays in the output of the command vxprint -lV.

    # vxvol -g hrdg aslog hr_rvg hr_srl

  5. Completely synchronize the Secondary. See Synchronizing the Secondary and starting replication for details.

Typically, writes to data volumes associated with an RVG go to the RVG's SRL first, and then to the RLINKs and data volumes. If the Primary SRL is ever detached because of an access error, then the Primary RVG is put into PASSTHRU mode. In PASSTHRU mode, writes to the data volume are passed directly to the underlying data volume, bypassing the SRL. No RLINKs receive the writes. Use vxprint -l on the RVG to see if the passthru flag is set. Associating a new SRL will clear PASSTHRU mode, and the Secondary node RVGs must be synchronized.