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Run showconvert

The showconvert utility displays the preconvert conversion plan in a readable format. The command showconvert help gives a list of command options.

# showconvert keyword [arg ...]

The following keywords and arguments are defined for the showconvert command:


Displays error messages generated by the preconvert utility. All FATAL messages must be resolved and preconvert run again before the conversion process can run successfully. 

list [diskgroup ...] 

Lists all the VxVM disk groups that will be created from Solaris Volume Manager disk sets and gives information about each disk group. 

These VxVM disk groups are not created to be compatible with CDS. Additionally, the disks in these disk groups are set up in slice and not cds format. To make the disk groups compatible with CDS, use the vxcdsconvert command. 

See the vxcdsconvert(1M) manual page. 

print diskgroup [vxprint_args] 

Uses standard arguments from the VxVM vxprint utility and displays the VxVM objects that the conversion will create. 

The conversion plan displayed by showconvert describes the layouts that the conversion utilities create. The layouts will have the same data on the same disks as the Solaris Volume Manager configuration. If you want different layouts, make changes to the Solaris Volume Manager configuration and run preconvert and showconvert again.