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Effect of disk connectivity on cluster reconfiguration

The detach policy, previous I/O errors, or access to disks are not considered when a new master node is chosen. When the master node leaves a cluster, the node that takes over as master of the cluster may already have seen I/O failures for one or more disks. Under the local detach policy, if a node was affected before reconfiguration, and this node then becomes the master, the failure is treated differently from the global detach policy case.

See "Connectivity policy of shared disk groups" on page 408.

Some failure scenarios do not result in a disk group failure policy being invoked, but can potentially impact the cluster. For example, if the local disk detach policy is in effect, and the new master node has a failed plex, this results in all nodes detaching the plex because the new master is unaffected by the policy.

The detach policy does not change the requirement that a node joining a cluster must have access to all the disks in all shared disk groups. Similarly, a node that is removed from the cluster because of an I/O failure cannot rejoin the cluster until this requirement is met.