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System-wide reserved disk groups

The following disk group names are reserved, and cannot be used to name any disk groups that you create:


Specifes the boot disk group. This is an alias for the disk group that contains the volumes that are used to boot the system. VxVM sets bootdg to the appropriate disk group if it takes control of the root disk. Otherwise, bootdg is set to nodg (no disk group). 


Specifies the default disk group. This is an alias for the disk group name that should be assumed if the -g option is not specified to a command, or if the VXVM_DEFAULTDG environment variable is undefined. By default, defaultdg is set to nodg (no disk group). 


Specifies to an operation that no disk group has been defined. For example, if the root disk is not under VxVM control, bootdg is set to nodg

Warning: Do not attempt to change the assigned value of bootdg. Doing so may render your system unbootable.

If you have upgraded your system, you may find it convenient to continue to configure a disk group named rootdg as the default disk group (defaultdg). There is no requirement that both defaultdg and bootdg refer to the same disk group, nor that either the default disk group or the boot disk group be named rootdg.