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Changing device naming for TPD-controlled enclosures

  Note   The feature to change device naming is available only if the default disk-naming scheme is set to use operating system-based naming, and the TPD-controlled enclosure does not contain fabric disks.

 To change device naming for TPD-controlled enclosures

# vxdmpadm setattr enclosure EMC0 tpdmode=native

# vxdisk list


c6t0d10s2 auto:sliced disk1 mydg online

c6t0d11s2 auto:sliced disk2 mydg online

c6t0d12s2 auto:sliced disk3 mydg online

c6t0d13s2 auto:sliced disk4 mydg online

c6t0d14s2 auto:sliced disk5 mydg online

c6t0d15s2 auto:sliced disk6 mydg online

c6t0d16s2 auto:sliced disk7 mydg online

c6t0d17s2 auto:sliced disk8 mydg online

c6t0d18s2 auto:sliced disk9 mydg online

c6t0d19s2 auto:sliced disk10 mydg online

If tpdmode is set to native, the path with the smallest device number is displayed.