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Using MPxIO with DMP

Either the Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager (SSTM) driver or DMP can be used to handle multipathing for a single host in a non-clustered environment.

In multihost configurations, the Sun StorEdge T3 must be configured to MPxIO mode (explicit failover or nonauto_trespass). In this mode, the STMS driver on the host handles multipathing. VxVM will not see multiple paths to any device on the array.

You must upgrade the Sun StorEdge T3 firmware to 1.17B. The patch for this upgrade is 109115-09. The latest firmware for StorEdge T3 and T3+ Arrays is available in patches 109115-xx and 112276-xx.

MPxIO mode is enabled by setting mpxio-disable="no" in the /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf file on Solaris 8 or 9, or in the /kernel/drv/fp.conf file on Solaris 10.

Use the command sys mp_support=mpxio to enable the MPxIO mode on the Sun StorEdge T3 array.

  Note   All hosts in a clustered environment must use the MPxIO mode.