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Restarting vxunreloc after errors

vxunreloc moves subdisks in three phases:

The comment fields of all the subdisks on the destination disk remain marked as UNRELOC until phase 3 completes. If its execution is interrupted, vxunreloc can subsequently re-use subdisks that it created on the destination disk during a previous execution, but it does not use any data that was moved to the destination disk.

If a subdisk data move fails, vxunreloc displays an error message and exits. Determine the problem that caused the move to fail, and fix it before re-executing vxunreloc.

If the system goes down after the new subdisks are created on the destination disk, but before all the data has been moved, re-execute vxunreloc when the system has been rebooted.

Warning: Do not modify the string UNRELOC in the comment field of a subdisk record.