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Taking plexes offline

Once a volume has been created and placed online (ENABLED), VxVM can temporarily disconnect plexes from the volume. This is useful, for example, when the hardware on which the plex resides needs repair or when a volume has been left unstartable and a source plex for the volume revive must be chosen manually.

Resolving a disk or system failure includes taking a volume offline and attaching and detaching its plexes. The two commands used to accomplish disk failure resolution are vxmend and vxplex.

To take a plex OFFLINE so that repair or maintenance can be performed on the physical disk containing subdisks of that plex, use the following command:

# vxmend [-g diskgroup] off plex

If a disk has a head crash, put all plexes that have associated subdisks on the affected disk OFFLINE. For example, if plexes vol01-02 and vol02-02 in the disk group, mydg, had subdisks on a drive to be repaired, use the following command to take these plexes offline:

# vxmend -g mydg off vol01-02 vol02-02

This command places vol01-02 and vol02-02 in the OFFLINE state, and they remain in that state until it is changed. The plexes are not automatically recovered on rebooting the system.