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Putting a volume in maintenance mode

If all mirrors of a volume become STALE, you can place the volume in maintenance mode. Then you can view the plexes while the volume is DETACHED and determine which plex to use for reviving the others. To place a volume in maintenance mode, use the following command:

# vxvol [-g diskgroup] maint volume

To assist in choosing the revival source plex, use vxprint to list the stopped volume and its plexes.

To take a plex (in this example, vol01-02 in the disk group, mydg) offline, use the following command:

# vxmend -g mydg off vol01-02

The vxmend on command can change the state of an OFFLINE plex of a DISABLED volume to STALE. For example, to put a plex named vol01-02 in the STALE state, use the following command:

# vxmend -g mydg on vol01-02

Running the vxvol start command on the volume then revives the plex.

See "Starting a volume" on page 280.