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Additional mirroring considerations

The larger private region size that was introduced in VxVM 3.2 (1MB) and VxVM 5.0 (32MB) may create one of the following mirroring scenarios under which vxdiskadm fails:

 To create a mirror under any of these scenarios

  1. Determine the size of the source disk's private region, using either of the following methods:
  2. Use the vxdisksetup program to initialize the target disk:

    # /usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxdisksetup -i c#t#d# privoffset=0 \

      privlen=XXXX publen=YYYY

    where XXXX is the size of the source disk's private region, and YYYY is the size of its public region.

    If your system is configured to use enclosure-based naming instead of OS-based naming, replace the c#t#d# name with the enclosure-based name for the disk.

  3. Add the newly initialized target disk to the source disk group:

    '# vxdg -g diskgroup adddisk medianame=c#t#d#

  4. Use the vxdiskadm command and choose item 6 (Mirror volumes on a disk) to create the mirror. Specify the disk media names of the source disk (rootdisk) and the target disk (medianame).