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Possible root, swap, and usr configurations

During installation, it is possible to set up a variety of configurations for the root (/) and usr file systems, and for swap.

The following are some of the possible configurations for the /usr file system:

The rootvol volume must exist in the boot disk group.

There are other restrictions on the configuration of rootvol and usr volumes.

See the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide.

VxVM allows you to put swap partitions on any disk; it does not need an initial swap area during early phases of the boot process. By default, the Veritas Volume Manager installation chooses partition 0 on the selected root disk as the root partition, and partition 1 as the swap partition. However, it is possible to have the swap partition on a partition not located on the root disk. In such cases, you are advised to encapsulate that disk and create mirrors for the swap volume. If you do not do this, damage to the swap partition eventually causes the system to crash. It may be possible to boot the system, but having mirrors for the swapvol volume prevents system failures.