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How error messages are logged

VxVM provides the option of logging debug messages to a file. This logging is useful in that any messages output just before a system crash will be available in the log file (presuming that the crash does not result in file system corruption). If enabled, the default debug log file is /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log.

vxconfigd also supports the use of syslog to log all of its regular console messages. When this is enabled, all console output is directed through the syslog interface.

syslog and log file logging can be used together to provide reliable logging to a private log file, along with distributed logging through syslogd.

  Note   syslog logging is enabled by default. Debug message logging is disabled by default.

If syslog output is enabled, messages with a priority higher than Debug are written to /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log.

To enable logging of debug output to the default debug log file, /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log, edit the startup script for vxconfigd.

See "Configuring logging in the startup script" on page 76.

Alternatively, you can use the following command to change the debug level:

# vxdctl debug level [pathname]

There are 10 possible levels of debug logging with the values 0 through 9. Level 1 provides the least detail, and 9 the most. Level 0 turns off logging. If a path name is specified, this file is used to record the debug output instead of the default debug log file. If the vxdctl debug command is used, the new debug logging level and debug log file remain in effect until the VxVM configuration daemon, vxconfigd, is next restarted.

See the vxdctl(1M) manual page.

See the vxconfigd(1M) manual page.