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Recovery after moving RAID-5 subdisks

When RAID-5 subdisks are moved and replaced, the new subdisks are marked as STALE in anticipation of recovery. If the volume is active, the vxsd command may be used to recover the volume. If the volume is not active, it is recovered when it is next started. The RAID-5 volume is degraded for the duration of the recovery operation.

Any failure in the stripes involved in the move makes the volume unusable. The RAID-5 volume can also become invalid if its parity becomes stale.

To avoid a volume becoming unusable, the vxsd command does not allow a subdisk move in the following situations:

Only the third case can be overridden by using the -o force option.

Subdisks of RAID-5 volumes can also be split and joined by using the vxsd split command and the vxsd join command. These operations work the same way as those for mirrored volumes.

RAID-5 subdisk moves are performed in the same way as subdisk moves for other volume types, but without the penalty of degraded redundancy.