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Recovering from the failure of vxsnap make for full-sized instant snapshots

If a vxsnap make operation fails during the creation of a full-sized instant snapshot, the snapshot volume may go into the DISABLED state, be marked invalid and be rendered unstartable. You can use the following command to check that the inst_invalid flag is set to on:

# vxprint [-g diskgroup] -F%inst_invalid snapshot_volume

VxVM can usually recover the snapshot volume without intervention. However, in certain situations, this recovery may not succeed. If this happens, the DCO volume must be deleted.

 To recover from the failure of the vxsnap make command for full-sized instant snapshots

  1. Use the vxmend command to clear the snapshot volume's tutil0 field:

    # vxmend [-g diskgroup] clear tutil0 snapshot_volume

  2. Run the following command on the snapshot volume:

    # vxsnap [-g diskgroup] unprepare snapshot_volume

  3. Prepare the snapshot volume again for snapshot operations:

    # vxsnap [-g diskgroup] prepare snapshot_volume