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Recovering from the failure of vxsnap make for space-optimized instant snapshots

If a vxsnap make operation fails during the creation of a space-optimized instant snapshot, the snapshot volume may go into the INSTSNAPTMP state. VxVM can usually recover the snapshot volume without intervention. However, in certain situations, this recovery may not succeed. If this happens, the snapshot volume must be deleted.

 To recover from the failure of the vxsnap make command for space-optimized instant snapshots

  1. Type the following command:

# vxedit [-g diskgroup] rm snapshot_volume

Alternatively, the snapshot volume is removed automatically when the system is next restarted.

If the vxsnap make operation was being performed on a prepared cache object by specifying the cache attribute, the cache object remains intact after deleting the snapshot. If the cachesize attribute was used to specify a new cache object, the cache object does not exist after deleting the snapshot.