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Recovering from the failure of vxsnap reattach or refresh

If a vxsnap reattach or refresh operation fails, the volume being refreshed may go into the DISABLED state, be marked invalid and be rendered unstartable.

 To recover from the failure of the vxsnap reattach or refresh commands

  1. Use the following command to check that the inst_invalid flag is set to on:

    # vxprint [-g diskgroup] -F%inst_invalid volume

  2. Use the vxmend command to clear the volume's tutil0 field:

    # vxmend [-g diskgroup] clear tutil0 volume

  3. Use the vxsnap command to dissociate the volume from the snapshot hierarchy:

    # vxsnap [-g diskgroup] dis volume

  4. Use the following command to start the volume:

    # vxvol [-g diskgroup] start volume

  5. Re-run the failed reattach or refresh command.

    This results in a full resynchronization of the volume. Alternatively, remove the snapshot volume and recreate it if required.