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vxenablef - enable specific VxFS features


vxenablef [-a ]

vxenablef [-e base | full ]




vxenablef enables base (also referred to as "QuickStart") or full VxFS functionality. After installing or upgrading a license for any VxFS feature, a VxFS file system must be mounted to enable the feature. Using vxenablef allows features with a valid license to become available without having to mount a file system.

If no argument is specified, vxenablef displays the available licensed features enabled in the kernel.

Cluster File System Issues

No cluster issues; command operates the same on cluster file systems.


vxenablef enables various VxFS licensable features after entering a valid license key. vxenablef is typically run by the system, not from the command line.

You must be a privileged user to run vxenablef.



Scans for license keys for base (QuickStart) or full VxFS features and enables them. See the Veritas Storage Foundation Release Notes for information on VxFS feature licensing.

You need not specify the -a option if you specified the -e option.

-e base | full

Enables base, or all, licensed VxFS features.

The base argument enables only VxFS base (QuickStart) functionality.

The full argument enables all features if the features are licensed with a valid Symantec license key.


vxlicrep(1), vxlicinst(1M)

Veritas Storage Foundation Release Notes