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vxrootmir - mirror areas necessary for booting to a new disk


/etc/vx/bin/vxrootmir [-vV] [-o {override|verify}] [-t tasktag] medianame


The vxrootmir utility creates a mirror of volumes that are required in booting (including rootvol). The mirror is created on the specified disk media device, medianame. The subdisks are placed on cylinder boundaries and a partition is created for them.

  Note    The specified disk media device must have enough space to contain the mirror for rootvol and the other volumes that are required for booting. Slice 0 (zero) must be available for the creation of the root partition.

All disk regions required for booting are set up by invoking the installboot command, and partitions for the new volume mirrors are created.


-t tasktag

If any tasks are registered to track the progress of the operation, mark them with the tag tasktag. The tag specified by tasktag is a sequence of up to 16 alphanumeric characters.


Executes invoked commands in verbose mode.


Prints a message when mirroring commences.

Hardware-Specific Options

Some hardware environments provide guidelines to optimize the VxVM's interaction with intelligent storage systems. If these guidelines are present, VxVM follows them when creating volumes or allocating space for volumes. By default, vxrootmir only creates mirror volumes that conform to such guidelines.

The following options change the behavior of vxrootmir.

-o override

Creates a mirror for rootvol, and ignores any storage-specific guidelines. Overriding the guidelines is not recommended as it can result in incompatible objects, or in objects that cannot be administered by VxVM.

-o verify

Verifies that mirror for the rootvol can be created without violating any storage-specific guidelines, but does not create the plex. If any guidelines are violated, vxmirror exits with an error message.

  Note    The -o override and -o verify options require a specific license. Without the appropriate license, vxrootmir ignores the option.


installboot(1M), vxdiskadm(1M), vxintro(1M), vxmirror(1M), vxtask(1M)