Configuring VxVM diskgroups for campus cluster configuration

Follow the procedure to configure VxVM diskgroups for remote mirroring.

See Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide for more information on the VxVM commands.

To configure VxVM diskgroups for campus cluster configuration

  1. Set the site name for each host:

    vxdctl set site=sitename

    The site name is stored in the /etc/vx/volboot file. Use the following command to display the site names:

    vxdctl list | grep siteid

  2. Set the site name for all the disks in an enclosure:

    vxdisk settag site=sitename encl:enclosure

    To tag specific disks, use the following command:

    vxdisk settag site=sitename disk

  3. Verify that the disks are registered to a site.

    vxdisk listtag

  4. Create a diskgroup with disks from both the sites.

    vxdg init diskgroup siteA_disk1 siteB_disk2

  5. Configure site-based allocation on the diskgroup that you created for each site that is registered to the disk group.

    vxdg -g diskgroup addsite sitename

  6. Configure site consistency on the diskgroup.

    vxdg -g diskgroup set siteconsistent=on

  7. Create one or more mirrored volumes in the disk group.

    vxassist -g diskgroup make volume size

    With the Site Awareness license installed on all hosts, the volume that you create has the following characteristics by default: