Configuring VCS service group for campus clusters

Follow the procedure to configure the diskgroups under VCS control and set up the VCS attributes to define failover in campus clusters.

To configure VCS service groups for campus clusters

  1. Create a VCS service group (app_sg) for the application that runs in the campus cluster.

    hagrp -add app_sg

    hagrp -modify app_sg SystemList node1 0 node2 1 node3 2 node4 3

  2. Set up the system zones. Configure the SystemZones attribute for the service group.

    hagrp -modify app_sg SystemZones node1 0 node2 0 node3 1 node4 1

  3. Set up the group fail over policy. Set the value of the AutoFailOver attribute for the service group.

    hagrp -modify app_sg AutoFailOver 2

  4. For the disk group you created for campus clusters, add a DiskGroup resource to the VCS service group app_sg.

    hares -add dg_res1 DiskGroup app_sg

    hares -modify dg_res1 DiskGroup diskgroup_name

    hares -modify dg_res1 Enabled 1

  5. Configure the application and other related resources to the app_sg service group.
  6. Bring the service group online.