Mounting a VxFS file system

In addition to the standard mount mode (delaylog mode), VxFS provides the following modes of operation:

Caching behavior can be altered with the mincache option, and the behavior of O_SYNC and D_SYNC writes can be altered with the convosync option.

See the fcntl(2) manual page.

The delaylog and tmplog modes can significantly improve performance. The improvement over log mode is typically about 15 to 20 percent with delaylog; with tmplog, the improvement is even higher. Performance improvement varies, depending on the operations being performed and the workload. Read/write intensive loads should show less improvement, while file system structure intensive loads, such as mkdir, create, and rename, may show over 100 percent improvement. The best way to select a mode is to test representative system loads against the logging modes and compare the performance results.

Most of the modes can be used in combination. For example, a desktop machine might use both the blkclear and mincache=closesync modes.

See the mount_vxfs(1M) manual page.