Configuring site consistency on a volume

To set the site consistency requirement when creating a volume, specify the siteconsistent attribute to the vxassist make command, for example:

# vxassist [-g diskgroup] make volume size \
  nmirror=4 siteconsistent={on|off}

By default, a volume inherits the value that is set on its disk group.

By default, creating a site-consistent volume also creates an associated version 20 DCO volume, and enables Persistent FastResync on the volume. This allows faster recovery of the volume during the reattachment of a site.

To turn on the site consistency requirement for an existing volume, use the following form of the vxvol command:

# vxvol [-g diskgroup] set siteconsistent=on volume

To turn off the site consistency requirement for a volume, use the following command:

# vxvol [-g diskgroup] set siteconsistent=off volume

The siteconsistent attribute and the allsites attribute must be set to off for RAID-5 volumes in a site-consistent disk group.