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db2ed_ckptremove_all - remove a Storage Checkpoint for a DB2 database


db2ed_ckptremove_all [ -I DB2INSTANCE ] -D DB2DATABASE

     -c | -k CKPT_NAME [ -h ]


This command is part of Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2. To determine whether this product is installed on an \1 system, type:

lslpp -L VRTSdb2ed


The db2ed_ckptremove_all command is used to remove a Storage Checkpoint from the file system(s) it is associated with. The Storage Checkpoint must have been created using the GUI, db2ed_ckptcreate or db2ed_ckptcreate_all command.


The following options are supported:
Specifies the name of the DB2 instance. If the instance name is not specified, the current user will be used as the instance owner.
Specifies the name of the DB2 database whose Storage Checkpoint will be removed.
-c | -k CKPT_NAME
Specifies the name of the Storage Checkpoint to be removed.
Shows command usage.


db2ed_ckptremove_all can be run as either the instance owner or the superuser.

The Storage Checkpoint that is currently mounted must be unmounted before they can be removed. The db2ed_ckptremove_all command will return an device-busy error if the Storage Checkpoint is still mounted.

Removing a Storage Checkpoint may or may not free up file system space.


db2ed_ckptcreate(1M), db2ed_ckptdisplay(1M), db2ed_ckptmount(1M), db2ed_ckptpolicy(1M), db2ed_ckptquota(1M), db2ed_ckptremove(1M), db2ed_ckptrollback(1M), db2ed_ckptumount(1M), db2ed_update(1M), db2ed_ckptdisplay_all(1M), db2ed_ckptcreate_all(1M), db2ed_ckptmount_all(1M), db2ed_ckptrollback_all(1M), db2ed_ckptumount_all(1M), db2ed_update_all(1M), db2_edition(7)

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Last updated: 15 Jan 2005
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