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db2ed_ckptrollback and db2ed_ckptrollback_all - roll back a DB2 database to a Storage Checkpoint


db2ed_ckptrollback [ -I DB2INSTANCE ] -D DB2DATABASE

     -c CKPT_NAME [ -b BUFF_SIZE ] 
     [ -t \THREADS ] [ -h ]


db2ed_ckptrollback_all [ -I DB2INSTANCE ] -D DB2DATABASE

     -c CKPT_NAME [ -b BUFF_SIZE ] 
     [ -t \THREADS ] [ -h ]


This command is part of Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2. To determine whether this product is installed on an \1 system, type:

lslpp -L VRTSdb2ed


The db2ed_ckptrollback command rolls back a DB2 database to a specified Storage Checkpoint.

Database rollback requires that the database be inactive before Storage Rollback begins. The db2ed_ckptrollback command will not begin if the DB2 database is active.

After Storage Rollback is complete, the DB2 database must be recovered using the DB2 rollforward command if an online Storage Checkpoint was used for Storage Rollback.


The following options are supported:
Specifies the name of the DB2 instance. If it is not specified, the current user will be used as the instance owner.
Specifies the name of the DB2 database that will be rolled back.
Specifies the name of the Storage Checkpoint to roll back to.
Specifies the buffer size to be used for Storage Rollback. The buffer size may be between 1,024 bytes and 10,240,000 bytes, and must be a multiple of 512. Tuning the Storage Rollback buffer size can greatly affect performance. The default value is 128k (131,072 bytes).
Specifies the number of threads to be used for Storage Rollback. The number of threads specified may be between 1 and 64. Any files to be rolled back will have the specified number of threads applied to the task. Tuning the Storage Rollback thread pool can greatly affect performance. The default value is 8 threads.
Displays command usage.


db2ed_ckptrollback must be run as the DB2 instance owner. The superuser cannot run Storage Rollback, since there is no guarantee that the database status can be determined correctly.

db2ed_ckptrollback only works when the instance is up.


To roll back an offline DB2 database to a Storage Checkpoint:

$ /opt/VRTS/bin/db2ed_ckptrollback -I db2inst1 -D PROD \.br
-c Checkpoint_903937870


db2ed_ckptcreate(1M), db2ed_ckptdisplay(1M), db2ed_ckptmount(1M), db2ed_ckptpolicy(1M), db2ed_ckptquota(1M), db2ed_ckptumount(1M), db2ed_ckptremove(1M), db2ed_update(1M), db2ed_ckptdisplay_all(1M), db2ed_ckptcreate_all(1M), db2ed_ckptmount_all(1M), db2ed_ckptrollback_all(1M), db2ed_ckptremove_all(1M), db2ed_ckptumount_all(1M), db2ed_update_all(1M), db2ed_clonedb(1M), db2_edition(7)

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