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db2ed_saveconfig_all - save configuration of a partitioned DB2 database in a Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2 environment


db2ed_saveconfig_all [ -I DB2INSTANCE ] -D DB2DATABASE

     [ -l directory_path ] [ -h ]


This command is part of Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2. To determine whether this product is installed on an \1 system, type:

lslpp -L VRTSdb2ed


The db2ed_saveconfig_all command is used on a partitioned DB2 database to collect and record configuration information on DB2, Veritas products, and system hardware. Information is gathered in the context of a specified DB2 database.

The utility gathers enough information to allow an administrator to reconstruct a system and database from scratch in the event of a complete system failure. The information collected is in the form of system configuration files and the results of querying the system hardware, Veritas products, and DB2.

The db2ed_saveconfig_all output displays the location where configuration information has been saved.


The following options are supported:
Specifies the name of the DB2 instance. If it is not specified, the current user will be the instance owner.
Specifies the name of the DB2DATABASE for the configuration to be saved.
-l directory_path
An optional directory for storing configuration information. If this option is not supplied, then the data will be stored in a temporary directory under /tmp.
Shows command usage.


This example shows how to save the DB2 configuration environment:

$ /opt/VRTS/bin/db2ed_saveconfig_all -D PROD -l /save

System configuration information saved to directory:


You must run db2ed_saveconfig_all as the DB2 instance owner to save configuration information about the partitioned DB2 database.


db2ed_checkconfig_all(1M), db2ed_update_all(1M), db2_edition(7)

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