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db2ed_vxdba - administer database and space alarms


There are no arguments for this utility.


This command is part of Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2. To determine whether this product is installed on an \1 system, type:

lslpp -L VRTSdb2ed


The db2ed_vxdba utility presents a menu of possible operations to the database administrator. Based on the operations selected, the command guides you through the necessary steps and prompts you for information to enter to complete the operation.

The db2ed_vxdba utility can be run by the DB2 database administrator of the database instance for most operations. Some VxDBA operations, like the file system space management operations, require superuser (root) privileges.

Before running db2ed_vxdba, you must define the environment variable $DB2DATABASE. The instance must be running and the VxDBA repository must exist. If it does not exist, use the db2ed_update command to create it.

Each VxDBA menu has the following standard operational and navigational controls:

? - Display Help About the Current Menu
This menu option provides online help for the current VxDBA menu, listing the available operations and a definition of each.

q - Exit From Current Menu
This menu option returns you to the main menu if you are in one of the administration submenus or exits VxDBA if you are at the main menu level.

x - Exit From VxDBA Utility
This menu option exits the VxDBA utility.

The VxDBA main menu provides access to the following operations:

1 - Database Administration
Use this menu to perform basic database management operations. The Database Administration menu provides access to the following operations:

- Startup Database Instance
- Shutdown Database Instance
- Display/Update Tablespace Information

2 - Display Database/VxDBA Information
Use this menu to display information about various aspects of your database environment, as well as examine and save configuration information for database recovery. The Display Database/VxDBA Information menu provides access to the following operations:

- Display Database Information
- Display/Update Tablespace Information
- Display Container/File System Information
- Display VxDBA/Database Configuration Files
- Examine Volume/File System/Database Configuration
- Save Volume/File System/Database Configuration

3 - Monitoring Agent Administration
Use this menu to display the space usage of file systems and Storage Checkpoints, display current space alarm settings, and enable and configure space alarm settings. VxDBA's monitoring agent monitors space usage for your database file systems, tablespaces, and containers. The monitoring agent can be configured to send alarm notifications and automatically grow file systems when space usage exceeds user-defined thresholds. The Monitoring Agent Administration menu provides access to the following operations:

- File System Space Administration
- DB2 Tablespace/Container Space Administration
- Configure Monitoring Agent Options
- Start/Stop Monitoring Agent


The VxDBA utility maintains information about the tablespaces that are allocated to a database and the file systems that these objects reside on. This information is updated when the Update Tablespace option is selected in VxDBA. However, for other operations, this data may be stale if tablespaces, containers, or file systems have changed. It is important to update the VxDBA information for your database whenever changes are made.

The VxDBA command line interface commands also use the current VxDBA information to perform operations and do not prompt you to update the configuration.

The space-usage statistics displayed by VxDBA in the monitoring agent area may be different than the output from the df command. This is because df makes certain assumptions that are valid for the UFS file system, but do not apply to VxFS. For correct space usage on VxFS file systems, use the /opt/VRTS/bin/df command.

For all issues with configuring the monitoring agent, see the db2ed_mon(1M) man page and the Veritas Administrator's


Log and statistics files from VxDBA monitoring agent.
VxDBA database containing DB2 instance information.
VxDBA settings for a DB2 database. Place any required environment variables into this file.


db2ed_ckptcreate(1M), db2ed_ckptdisplay(1M), db2ed_ckptmount(1M), db2ed_ckptpolicy(1M), db2ed_ckptquota(1M), db2ed_ckptremove(1M), db2ed_ckptrollback(1M), db2ed_ckptumount(1M), db2ed_clonedb(1M), db2ed_mon(1M), db2ed_update(1M), qio_convertdbfiles(1M), qio_getdbfiles(1M), qio_recreate(1M), vxgrowfs(1M), db2_edition(7), edgetmsg2(1M)

Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2 Administrator's Guide

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