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sfua_rept_adm - Backup, restore or monitor free space for SFUA repository.


sfua_rept_adm -h

sfua_rept_adm -o backup_sched -t full|incr -f <backup_freq> -s <start_time> -m <backup_dest>

sfua_rept_adm -o backup_enable -t full|incr

sfua_rept_adm -o backup_disable -t full|incr

sfua_rept_adm -o restore -m <backup_dest>

sfua_rept_adm -o space_monitor -w <warn_threshold> -e <notify_email> -u <smtp_sender> -s <smtp_server>

sfua_rept_adm -o space_monitor_enable

sfua_rept_adm -o space_monitor_disable


The sfua_rept_admin command can be used to create, restore, enable disable backup of the repository, which stores information used by Veritas Storage Foundation. It can also be used to monitor free space of the file system where the repository database resides on.

-o backup_sched: Create a full or incremental backup schedule for the repository. After the backup schedule is created, the backup process will occur starting from the <start_time>. The backup files will be saved to <backup_dest> directory. Only one full and incremental backup schedule can be created. Excuting the command again to create a backup schedule will overwrite the existing backup schedule. -o backup_enable: Enable an existing full or incremental backup schedule

-o backup_disable: Disable an existing full or incremental backup schedule

-o restore: Restore the repository from a backup directory. The command will attempt to restore the full backup and all incremental backups exist in the directory specified in <backup_dest>.

-o space_monitor: Create a free-space monitoring schedule for the file system where the repository resides on. Once the file system free space falls below the threshold specified in <warn_threshold>, an email will be sent to the user specified in <notify_email>.

-o space_monitor_enable: Enable the free-space monitoring schedule.

-o space_monitor_disable: Disable the free-space monitoring schedule.


The following options are supported:
-t full|incr
Specify the type, either 'full' for full backup or 'incr' for incremental backup, of the backup schedule.
-f\P <backup_freq>
Specify the backup frequency in hours(h), days(d) or weeks(w). By default, the backup frequency value is assuming in hours(h).
-s <start_time>
Specify the time for starting the backup process in <hh:mm:ss> format.
-m <backup_dest>
Specify a directory where the backup data of the repository is stored.
-w <warn_threshold>
Specify the free-space threshold (in percentage), at which the file system free space falls below.
-e <notify_email>
Specify the email where the warning message will be sent to when the repository file system free space falls below the specify threshold.
-u <smtp_sender>
Specify the SMTP sender who will be sent the message out.
-u <smtp_server>
Specify the SMTP outgoing mail server.
sfua_rept_adm must be run as super user. The repository must have been configured using sfua_db_config command before running this command.


sfua_db_config(1M), dbed_ckptcreate(1M), dbed_ckptdisplay(1M), dbed_ckptmount(1M), dbed_ckptplan(1M), dbed_ckptpolicy(1M), dbed_ckptquota(1M), dbed_ckptremove(1M), dbed_ckptrollback(1M), dbed_ckptumount(1M), dbed_clonedb(1M), dbed_vmclonedb(1M), dbed_vmsnap(1M), dbed_vmsnapplan(4), oracle_edition(7)

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