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dbed_ckptremove - remove a Storage Checkpoint for an Oracle database


dbed_ckptremove -S ORACLE_SID -c CKPT_NAME

     [ -h ]


Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle. To determine whether this product is installed on an \1 system, enter:

lslpp -L VRTSdbed


The dbed_ckptremove command is used to remove a Storage Checkpoint from the file system(s) it is associated with. The Storage Checkpoint must have been created using the GUI, or the dbed_ckptcreate command.


The following options are supported:
Specifies the name of the Oracle database whose Storage Checkpoint will be removed.
Specifies the name of the Storage Checkpoint to be removed.
Shows command usage.


dbed_ckptremove can be run as either the Oracle DBA or the superuser.

Storage Checkpoints that are currently mounted must be unmounted before they can be removed. The dbed_ckptremove command will return device busy if a Storage Checkpoint is still mounted.

Removing a Storage Checkpoint may or may not free up file system space. The amount of space allocated to a Storage Checkpoint can be examined using dbed_ckptdisplay with the -Q option.


dbed_ckptcreate(1M), dbed_ckptdisplay(1M), dbed_ckptmount(1M), dbed_ckptplan(1M), dbed_ckptpolicy(1M), dbed_ckptquota(1M), dbed_ckptrollback(1M), dbed_ckptumount(1M), dbed_clonedb(1M), dbed_update(1M), oracle_edition(7)

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