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sfua_db_config - create a repository database for Veritas Storage Foundation for databases (SFDB2, SFORA, and SFRAC) in standalone and high availablity (HA) cluster configuration environments. The command can also be used to drop the repository database, start the repository database server, stop the repository database server, verify status of repository database server, unconfigure the cluster.



sfua_db_config -ssh

sfua_db_config -o [dbstatus|stopdb|startdb|dropdb|]

sfua_db_config -o [stopserver|startserver|serverstatus]

sfua_db_config -o [unconfig_cluster]


The sfua_db_config command creates a repository database for standalone and high availability (HA) cluster configuration. For a standalone configuration, sfua_db_config creates the repository database on a mount point created with a Veritas volume and Veritas file system.

For a cluster configuration, sfua_db_config creates the repository database on a shared storage (shared disks) and configures the repository database in VCS environment.

Prerequisite for standalone configuration:

* A mount point for already mounted Vertias volume, with vxfs file system.

For cluster, sfua_db_config creates repository database on a shared storage and configures repository database in VCS environment.

Prerequisite for cluster configuration:

  * rsh or ssh should be pre-configured (rsh is default)
  * Create a veritas  non-shared diskgroup on shared storage, 
    a Veritas volume, and vxfs file system and mount this volume.
  * An unique  virtual IP address for public NIC interface and netmask.
  * A public NIC used by each system in the cluster.

When you first run "sfua_db_config" the command, detects installation type (standalone or cluster), configures and creates repository database as per configuration type (standalone or cluster). By default, "sfua_db_config" creates repository for both standalone and HA configuration.

In addtion to the initial configuration, the following options are supported:

The -ssh option is used when ssh and scp are to be used for communication between system in case of cluster (HA) configuration. Default is rsh for cluster (HA) coonfiguration. One of two rsh or ssh should be pre-configured such that rsh or ssh commands execute without prompting for passwords or confirmations.
-o\fp dropdb
Drop repository database.
-o unconfig_cluster
Unconfigure repository database from VCS cluster.
-o dbstatus
Verify status of database and database server.
-o stopserver
Stop database server.
-o serverstatus
Report database server status.
-o startserver
Start database server.
-o stopdb
Detach repository database from database server.
-o startdb
Attach repository database to database server.

sfua_db_config must be run as the root user in order to configure repository.

The sfua_db_config command requires interaction depending on installation type (standalone or HA) such as mount point, virtual IP and public NIC information from the user.

In HA (VCS) configuration or / and SFRAC environment, you must create a seperate non-shared Veritas diskgroup to store repository and an unique IP address must be used in order to switchover of repository VCS service group independantly of other cluster resources from one to node to another node.



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