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dbed_vmsnapplan - the file containing a snapplan for an Oracle database


The dbed_vmsnapplan file specifies the snapshot scenarios for an Oracle database (such as online, offline, or instant). The file name of the dbed_vmsnapplan file is specified by the user. Before using the dbed_vmsnap(1M) command to create the snapshot image, a dbed_vmsnapplan file needs to be validated by running the dbed_vmchecksnap(1M) command. Each entry in the dbed_vmsnapplan file is a line in parameter=argument format.


The following parameters are specified in the dbed_vmsnapplan file:
SNAPSHOT_VERSION Specifies the snapshot version for this release of Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle.
Specifies the name of the host where the primary database resides.
Specifies the name of the host where the clone database will reside.
Specifies the name of the Veritas Volume Manager disk group used by the primary database.
Specifies the name of the disk group containing the snaphot volumes. The snapshot volumes will be put into this disk group on the primary host and deported. The secondary host will import this disk group to start a clone database.
Specifies the name of the Oracle database.
The full path of the archive logs. There are several archive log destinations that can be used for database recovery if you are multiplexing the archive logs. You must specify which archive log destination to use.
Specifies whether to create a snapshot of the archive log volumes. Specify yes to split the archive log volume mirrors and deport them to the secondary host in a two-host configuration. When using the Oracle remote archive log destination feature to send the archive logs to the secondary host, you can specify no to save some space. Since the archive logs may not always be delivered to the secondary host reliably, it is recommended that you specify yes here to use split mirrors as the archive log transport mechanism.
SNAPSHOT_MODE (online | offline | instant)
Specifies whether the database should be online, offline, or instant when the snapshot is created. If the snapshot is created while the database is online, the dbed_vmsnap command will first put the tablespaces into backup mode. After dbed_vmsnap finishes creating the datafile snapshot, it will take the tablespaces out of backup mode, switch the log files to ensure that the extra redo logs are archived, and then create a snapshot of the archived logs. If the database is offline, it is not necessary to put the tablespaces into backup mode. If the database is instant, a snapshot will be taken regardless of whether the database is up or down, and will not put the tablespace into backup mode.
The default value is database and cannot be changed. Specifies the database object to create a snapshot of. To clone a database using a snapshot image, set SNAPSHOT_PLAN_FOR=database.
Specifies the snapshot plex tag. Use this variable to specify a tag for the plexes to be snapshot. The default plex tag is dbed_flashsnap.
Specifies the snapshot volume prefix. Use this variable to specify a prefix for the snapshot volumes split from the primary disk group. A volume name cannot be more than 32 characters.
By default, reverse resynchronization is off (set equal to NO). If it is set to YES, this parameter allows you to restore the original volume from a snapshot. The original database, however, must be down for this operation.
Specifies the number of snapshot mirrors. The default value is 1. To make snapshots highly available, the snaphsot volume should contain more than one mirror. Multiple mirrors allow the snapshot volume to be available even if one of the mirrors is disabled. Before taking a snapshot, make sure all tagged snapshot mirrors are in the SNAPDONE state.


The following example shows how to create a snapplan and set the default values for a single host. In this example, the working directory is /export/snap_dir.

$ /usr/bin/cd /export/snap_dir

$ /opt/VRTS/bin/dbed_vmchecksnap -S PROD -H /oracle/product/9i \.br
-f snap1 -o setdefaults -t host1

Snapplan snap1 for PROD.


dbed_vmchecksnap(1M), dbed_vmsnap(1M), dbed_vmclonedb(1M)

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