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dbed, dbed_oracle, oracle_edition - the Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle


Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle. To determine whether this product is installed on an \1 system, enter:

lslpp -L VRTSdbed


Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle combines the strengths of the core Veritas technology products with database-specific enhancements to offer unrivaled performance, availability, and manageability for Oracle database servers.

Veritas offers two Storage Foundation products:

Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle includes the following components:

Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM)
A disk management subsystem that supports disk striping, disk mirroring, and simplified disk management for improved data availability and superior performance.
Veritas Database Dynamic Storage Tiering
DBDST (Database Dynamic Storage Tiering), a feature of the Enterprise Edition, lets DBAs deploy all or part your database with tier storage. This feature is based on VxFS Multi-Volume File System and QoSS (Quality of Storage Service) support. With the DBDST support, DBAs can put data with different type of importance for any given time to the appropriate storage. DBDST feature supports the movement of data that is totally transparent to applications. The file pathnames remain the same to the applications. DBAs can deploy DBDST feature with either GUI or the command line interface.
Veritas Database FlashSnap
Database FlashSnap, a feature of the Enterprise Edition, lets you create, resynchronize, and reverse resynchronize volume snapshots for databases. The snapshots can be used on a second host. Also, database administrators can perform these tasks without root privileges. Database FlashSnap tasks may be performed through the GUI or the command line interface.
Veritas Storage Mapping
Storage Mapping, a feature of the Enterprise Edition, lets you take full advantage of Oracle storage mapping to map datafiles to physical devices and display storage object I/O statistics. Both storage object I/O statistics and the storage structure are displayed in the Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle GUI. Oracle's file mapping (I/O topology) feature is available beginning with Oracle9i Release 2.
Veritas File System (VxFS)
A high-performance, fast-recovery file system that is optimized for business-critical database applications and data-intensive workloads. VxFS offers online administration, letting you perform most frequently scheduled maintenance tasks (including online backup, resizing, and file system changes) without interrupting data or system availability. VxFS also provides support for large file systems (up to 8 exabytes). The actual size limitation may vary based on platform OS restriction. Veritas File System offers performance-enhancing features that are of particular interest in a database environment:
  • Veritas Quick I/O is a VxFS feature that improves the throughput for Oracle databases built on Veritas file systems. Quick I/O delivers raw device performance to databases run on VxFS, providing the administrative advantages of using file systems without the performance penalties.
  • Veritas Cached Quick I/O further enhances database performance by leveraging large system memory to selectively buffer the frequently accessed data.
  • Veritas (MVS) Multi-Volume Support is a feature that allows a file system with more than one component volumes. MVS feature supports a rich set of commands and APIs to allow applications to define/enforce policies on which component volumes their data would like reside. MVS is the building block of Storage Foundation for Oracle's DBDST feature.
  • A feature of the Enterprise Edition, VxFS Storage Checkpoint technology lets you create a point-in-time image of a database. Storage Checkpoints are now treated like any other VxFS file system and can be created, mounted, unmounted, and removed with VxFS and Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle administrative utilities.

Veritas Extension for Oracle Disk Manager
Veritas Extension for Oracle Disk Manager is a custom storage interface defined by Oracle specifically for Oracle9i or later. Oracle Disk Manager allows Oracle to improve performance and manageability system bandwidth through an improved Application Programming Interface (API) that contains advanced kernel support for file I/O.
Veritas Enterprise Administrator
Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) is the infrastructure that allows you to access Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle, Veritas Volume Manager, and Veritas File System information and features through the GUI. You can also use the command line interface to perform these tasks.
Veritas Cluster Server (optional)
An optional High Availability (HA) version of Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle, which includes Veritas Cluster Server, is available for customers who have high system-availability requirements.


dbed_analyzer(1M), dbed_checkconfig(1M), dbed_ckptcreate(1M), dbed_ckptdisplay(1M), dbed_ckptmount(1M), dbed_ckptplan(1M), dbed_ckptpolicy(1M), dbed_ckptquota(1M), dbed_ckptremove(1M), dbed_ckptrollback(1M), dbed_ckptumount(1M), dbed_clonedb(1M), dbed_saveconfig(1M), dbed_update(1M), dbed_vmchecksnap(1M), dbed_vmclonedb(1M), dbed_vmsnap(1M), dbed_vmsnapplan(4), edgetmsg2(1M), qio_convertdbfiles(1), qio_getdbfiles(1M), qio_recreate(1), vxstorage_stats(1) dbdst_addvol_ora(1M) dbdst_admin_ora(1M) dbdst_classify_ora(1M) dbdst_convert_ora(1M) dbdst_file_move_ora(1M) dbdst_fstat_ora(1M) dbdst_makelbfs_ora(1M) dbdst_partition_move_ora(1M) dbdst_preset_policy_ora(1M) dbdst_report_ora(1M) dbdst_rmvol_ora(1M) dbdst_show_fs_ora(1M) dbdst_tbs_move_ora(1M) sfua_db_config(1) sfua_rept_adm(1)

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