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llttest - Low Latency Transport (LLT) Protocol test utility


llttest -p port [-v] [-s size]


The llttest utility tests the connectivity of the LLT protocol between the systems in a cluster. It uses the user-level STREAMS interface to the LLT stack. llttest has an interactive interface that facilitates the sending and receiving of LLT packets between systems. The -p1 option is required to select an LLT port ( llttest operates only on one port per instance).

The syntax for lltest follows:

receive [-c count]
Prepare to receive count messages.
transmit [-c count] [-n system]
Transmit count messages to system.
forward [-c count] [-n system]
Prepare to receive count messages and proceed to forward them to system.
echo [-c count]
Prepare to receive count messages and proceed to forward them back to the sender.
packet [-c count] [-n system]
Transmit count unreliable datagram packets to system.
node node
Set the default destination node to node.
count count
Set the default message count to count.
debug level
Set the debug level to generate various degrees of debug message output.
Print out a list of the available commands.
Exit the program.


-p port
Specify the LLT port to use for sending and receiving packets.
-s size
Specify the size in bytes for the packets to be sent.
Specify that the data contained in the packets should be verified. This option must be used on both the sender and receiver.


lltconfig(1M), lltstat(1M)

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