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vxfenconfig - Configure the vxfen driver used in I/O fencing.


vxfenconfig -c [-s]

vxfenconfig -v

vxfenconfig -U

vxfenconfig -l




The vxfenconfig command configures the vxfen driver using parameters found in /etc/vxfenmode file. For a list of possible parameters and usage information please see the manpage for /etc/vxfenmode file. If this file is omitted I/O Fencing defaults to SCSI3 functionality. When running in scsi3 mode, vxfenconfig command configures the vxfen driver using the coordinator disks listed in the /etc/vxfentab file. Disks must be listed by the full file name of the raw or DMP device. A minimum of three coordinator disks must be used (unless the -s option is specified to configure the driver); in total, an odd number of disks must be used.


Configure the vxfen driver.
Configure the vxfen driver for use with only a single coordinator disk. The default (and Veritas recommendation) is three coordinator disks.
WARNING: When I/O fencing is configured to use only one coordinator disk, the loss of the single coordinator disk results in the loss of the availability of all applications in the cluster.
Unconfigure the vxfen driver.
List the coordinator disks used by vxfen driver.
Print out the version information.


Contains the list of coordinator disks, each of which is identified by the full file name of the raw device. A minimum of three disks must be configured in normal cases (except in the case of the [-s] option). Multiple paths can also be listed. The /etc/vxfentab file is created by the rc script based on the contents of the /etc/vxfendg file. An example /etc/vxfentab file may contain the following lines:
For Solaris:
/dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s2 /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s2 /dev/rdsk/c3t1d0s2
For Linux:
/dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde
For HP-UX:
/dev/rdsk/c1t1d0 /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0 /dev/rdsk/c3t1d0
For AIX:
/dev/rhdisk20 /dev/rhdisk21 /dev/rhdisk22
Contains the name of the disk group containing the coordinator disks. Typically, this disk group is vxfencoorddg. /etc/vxfendg must exist on each system in the cluster.


To run I/O Fencing in disabled mode, add the following line to /etc/vxfenmode
WARNING: Veritas does not support SFRAC clusters using I/O fencing in the disabled mode (vxfen_mode=disabled).
To run I/O Fencing in customized/sanvm mode, add the following lines to /etc/vxfenmode
vxfen_mode=customized vxfen_mechanism=sanvm


vxfenadm(1M), vxfentsthdw(1M), vxfendebug(1M), vxfenmode(4M), vxfenclearpre(1M)

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