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Maintenance Commands

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vxfenswap - Assist online replacement of coordinator disks.


vxfenswap -g diskgroup [ -n ] [ -a autoconfirm ] vxfenswap -a cancel [ -n ]




The vxfenswap changes the coordinator disks that are used for arbitration in the event of a network partition. This change happens on a running cluster. The utility uses diskgroup specified with -g option to create the new list of coordinator disks. This utility uses /etc/vxfenmode file to decide whether to pick raw paths or DMP (Dynamic Multipathing) paths for the coordinator disks. This utility uses vxfenconfig command to change the coordinator disks in the vxfen driver. The utility picks up the nodes of the cluster by looking at the file /etc/llthosts and picking those nodes that have fencing configured. The nodes can also be specified in the file /etc/vxfen_nodelist. This utility makes use of ssh and scp to communicate with the nodes. Please make sure the communication is set up properly before using this utility. Instead of ssh and scp, rsh and rcp can be used for communication by specifying the -n option. WARNING: After this utility is executed, it is possible that the whole cluster will panic if any node leaves the cluster membership before this utility returns successfully.


-g diskgroup
Use diskgroup specified with -g option.
Use non-secure communication. By default, the vxfenswap utility makes use of ssh and scp to communicate with nodes. When this option is specified, this utility will use rsh and rcp for communication.
-a autoconfirm
Automatically commit disks without prompting for confirmation. If this option is not specified, the vxfenswap utility prompts for confirmation before changing the coordinator disks in the vxfen driver.
-a cancel
Rollbacks the previous disk replacement operation if it was unsuccessful.


vxfenadm(1M), vxfenconfig(1M), vxfenmode(4M)

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