Moving tablespaces

You can move tablespaces from one storage class to another. You must define Database Dynamic Storage Tiering parameters before you can move tablespaces.

To move tablespaces

  1. Access the Database Dynamic Storage Tiering Move Tablespaces wizard.

    See “To access tiered storage parameters wizards in the Java GUI”.

    The tablespaces and their assigned storage classes display in the Move Tablespaces wizard. To sort, click on column headings.

  2. Select the tablespaces to move.

  3. Select the storage class to which the tablespaces will be moved.

  4. To assign the selected tablespaces to the selected storage class, click Set class.

  5. Repeat as needed for each class of storage until all tablespaces are assigned correctly. A blank storage class indicates the tablespace is not moved.

  6. To move the tablespaces, click Finish.