Showing statistics chart

Before creating datafile statistics charts, you must enable the collection of datafiles statistics by using the Start/Stop Datafile Statistics Collection wizard.

See Starting and stopping datafile statistics collection.

You can create datafile statistics charts based on:

The statistics display in a bar chart.

To create a datafiles statistics chart

  1. Access the Database Dynamic Storage Tiering Show Datafiles Statistics Chart wizard.

    See “To access tiered storage parameters wizards in the Java GUI”.

  2. Select the report statistic:

    • Total read/write operations

    • Total read/write blocks

    • Total read/write bytes

    • Average read/write response time

  3. Select the time period.

  4. Select the sorting parameters.

  5. Select the datafiles.

  6. Click Next. The statistics are displayed in a bar chart.

  7. To display the statistical trend, click Show Statistic TrendThe Show Statistic Trend line chart displays.

  8. To move the containers to different storage classes, click Move Container Classes.

  9. To close the chart pages when finished, click Close.