Keyboard shortcuts

All menu items can be selected by using accelerator or mnemonic keyboard shortcuts. An accelerator is a key combination that provides shortcut access to a GUI function. A mnemonic (sometimes referred to as a "hot key") is a single-key equivalent (used in combination with the ALT key) for selecting GUI components such as menu items. The mnemonic "hot key" letter is underlined in the GUI.

For example:

Mnemonics are case-insensitive. Keys can be pressed sequentially instead of simultaneously.

Table: Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard input


Tab, Shift-Tab (for reversing the action)

Navigates between main components of the user-interface


Display Context-sensitive menu


Selects all items in list


Find Next

Enter, Return

Activates default button (does not require keyboard focus)

Routine functions such as opening, saving, and printing files can be performed using the standard Microsoft keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are not case-sensitive. Mnemonic keystrokes may be pressed either sequentially or simultaneously. All menu items have mnemonics, but not all menu items have accelerators.