Using Veritas Enterprise Administrator Service

To use the Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2 GUI, the DBED agent must be running on the server. The Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) Service is started when you install the software.


  • Use the /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdb2edusr utility to create login names for any user, other than root, who needs to run the GUI. To run /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdb2edusr, you must have superuser (root) privileges. For more information:

    See Adding users to the Veritas Enterprise Administrator.

  • You must have superuser (root) privileges to execute the vxsvcctrl command.

  • Before you can manage the database(s) through the GUI, you must update the database at least once on each database.

    To update a DB2 EE database, use the db2ed_update command and to update a DB2 EEE database, use the db2ed_update_all command.

  • You must have superuser (root) privileges to run the command.