Unmounting a DB2 snapshot database

You can unmount a DB2 snapshot database using the GUI. For example, you are required to unmount the snapshot database before resynchronizing the snapshot with the primary database.

To unmount a DB2 snapshot database

  1. Access the DB2 Unmount Snapshot Database wizard.

    See “To access DB2 database wizards in the Java GUI”.

    See Accessing database management tasks in the Web GUI.

  2. In the Authentication section, enter the password for the UNIX user name. The user name field is read-only.

  3. Enter the DB2 Database name in the Primary Database Information section.

  4. In the Snapshot database section, enter the name of the new DB2 database, Snapplan file, and enter the relocate path.

  5. Click Unmount Database at the bottom of the screen.

  6. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to confirm that you want to unmount the snapshot database.

    If the snapshot database was successfully unmounted, you receive a confirmation message. Click OK to continue.