Mounting a Storage Checkpoint

You can mount and write to Storage Checkpoints just as you can do with any file system.

See "Using Storage Checkpoints and Storage Rollback" in the Veritas Storage Foundation for DB2 Administrator's Guide.


  • The directory containing the mount point must be writable by the database administrator group. You should have created this group during installation. If not, create the group before mounting the Storage Checkpoint.

To mount a Storage Checkpoint

  1. Access the Mount a Storage Checkpoint wizard.

    See Accessing Storage Checkpoint tasks in the Java GUI.

    See Accessing database tasks in the Web GUI.

  2. Verify that you are mounting the correct Storage Checkpoint and click Next to continue. If you selected the wrong Storage Checkpoint, click Cancel. The information on this screen is read-only.

  3. On the second screen, enter the mount point (absolute path) where the Storage Checkpoint should be mounted.

  4. To mount the Storage Checkpoint as read-only, click Read Only.


    To mount the Storage Checkpoint as read-write, click Read/Write. This will allow you to make changes to the Storage Checkpoint.

    When you select the Read/Write option, the GUI creates an identical Storage Checkpoint with the same name plus a wr <001> suffix, where <001> is a sequential number. The GUI mounts the new Storage Checkpoint and leaves the original Storage Checkpoint unmounted. This allows you to roll back to the original Storage Checkpoint.

  5. Click Mount to mount the Storage Checkpoint.

  6. At the prompt, click Yes to proceed with mounting the Storage Checkpoint.