Removing a snapplan

You may need to remove a snapplan that is no longer necessary. However, you cannot create a snapshot if you do not have a snapplan.


  • You must be logged in as the DB2 database administrator.

To remove a snapplan

  1. Click the snapplan you want to remove in the object tree. (You may need to expand the tree view to find the icon.)

  2. Access the Remove Snapplan dialog:

    See Accessing FlashSnap tasks in the Java GUI.

    See Accessing database tasks in the Web GUI.

  3. At the prompt, click Yes to continue with removing the snapplan.

    If the snapplan was successfully removed, you will receive a confirmation message similar to the following:

  4. Click the Show details checkbox to view the actions taken. You should see information similar to the following:

    The snapplan <filename> has been removed.

    Click OK to continue.