Adding a scheduled task

To automate a database task, you must add it to the scheduler.

To add a task to the scheduler

  1. Access the scheduler wizard in GUI.

    See Accessing scheduled tasks in the Java GUI.

  2. Enter the required authorization information for the host on which you want to run the schedule:

    • User name

    • Password

    By default, authorization is set to the database owner. If you are logged in as the database owner, you do not need to specify a password.

  3. Enter the task information:

    • Task name

    • Task status: Normal, Hold, or Invalid

    • Host name

  4. Select a task:

    • Create a new database checkpoint

    • Create a database snapshot

    • Clone a database using checkpoint

    • Clone a database using snapshot

  5. Click Next to add the appropriate task.

    See “To create a database checkpoint”.

    See “To create a database snapshot”.

    See “To clone a database using checkpoint”.

    See “To clone a database using snapshot”.